Em. Typing

You landed on the about page. Well…this means you want to know about us a little. I guess that, considering we are expecting you to read what we write and look at our images, the fact that you want to know more sounds fair enough.

First of all I would like to say that English is not our first language so please bare with us and try not to think to much about the grammar of our articles while you read or you will probably stop right here.

I’ll start with myself first. Every time I write about me I tend to avoid stuff like “Hi I’m Em, I come from Italy etc etc”, as I feel a bit like I am at one of those A.A. meeting and after my short introduction I just wait for a circle of people telling “Hi Em!!”. For this reason, if it’s ok with you, I’ll give it another cut.

The real “about” us: Who are we?

I’m Em. I was born a traveler (and yes we decided to write it with just one “L” as the domains with two “L” was already bough). All my life I suffered of Wonderlust syndrome, meaning that I could not spend more than a certain amount of time in the same place without changing something or go somewhere. Since middle school I would be the ‘never content’ child who would ask “mum can I go?” whenever anybody, from school to friends, were going anywhere. I didn’t care much about anything but two things: pretty things and pretty places. Ergo I became a Traveling Designer. I’m happy. Probably all of us have it inside and I’m not that different from all of you. I guess is it just about arriving at a point of your life, grabbing it by the “neck” and do it. So I did it…I mean, I tried and miserably failed. I wanted to go everywhere – literally – but I got stuck at uni planning my future and studying engineering, after I was forbidden from studying art so I wouldn’t become a “drug dealer with a mohawk”, at least according to my mum. One day reading a book that ended in “happily ever after” I realised I didn’t have the eternity like Snow White; I dropped out of uni, got a job, put money aside and left for a land far far away…OZ….After that a bunch of things happened (boring things you don’t care about) – blah blah blah – until I met Cris: my fiancée. 

They couldn’t have made us more different. We possibly have 3 things in common aside for the love we feel for each other, but I guess they are the ones that matter cause we have never been happier.

Cris is everything I have ever dreamt of: a funny, creative, ridiculously beautiful and talented musical theatre actress who suffers of the same addiction for traveling I suffer of. Her journey was slightly different from mine: she’s never wanted to settle anywhere. She thinks the world is too beautiful and full of amazing things to look at, to sit in one place and this side of her makes her want to experience everything that this world has to offer ( I mean, almost everything ). This is also that side of her that makes her eyes sparkle when she looks at her sunsets or a hot air balloons. Oh yes, she is obsessed with sunsets and hot air balloons, but who isn’t right? Thinking forward she studied languages and fluently speaks English, Italian, Spanish and, why not, some German and French. Being a performer, Cris has also always being: singing, acting, dancing or all together at once, anywhere in the world at any time. I love this side of her. Anyway at 22 she left for Australia for a start on her life…like in my case – blah blah blah – things happened and than she met me.

That’s where you guys will be picking up. The night right after we met she left for another city 1000 km away to be part of a theatre production.

Our journey started when we decided we were too good together to be apart, so I followed her there…and we’ve been travelling non-stop since.

PS: To answer to all of you that asked us this question dozens of times: we are not rich…we swear, we just really love to travel together.