Abu Dhabi VS Dubai

Cris, typing... Craving for some serious Arabian nights? Can’t decide between the two most famous United Arab Emirates? The eternal question, Dubai or Abu dhabi? Let’s see if, after this article, you will have a clearer idea. All the “empty spaces” were filled with us chilling at the Jumeirah Ethiad Towers, cos let’s face it, [...]

Paris part 2: What you need to know

Cris Typing.. In the part 1 article we covered a few topics, such as: - When to go, - Where to go and what do, - How to get around and where to stay. In this one you'll get some more specific tips and tricks and highlights about the city that stole our hearts. FIRSTLY, keep this [...]

Northern Thailand: What to expect

Cris. Typing So, to recap, we went to Northern Thailand in November, when the rainy season is about to start. Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is such a pretty city to explore: check out the local (and a bit stinky) market, the temples (don't go to the ones that requires a fee as there are plenty as if [...]