Perks from Perth

Em Typing. One day my little sister called me from Perth saying she was getting married. In a month. With a guy I met once. As I know what the feeling between them two are I couldn’t be happier; Until I was asked to be the Bride’s best man (or her "maid of honour" if [...]

Northern Thailand: What to expect

Cris. Typing So, to recap, we went to Northern Thailand in November, when the rainy season is about to start. Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is such a pretty city to explore: check out the local (and a bit stinky) market, the temples (don't go to the ones that requires a fee as there are plenty as if [...]

Spicey Marrakesh: mysteries unlocked

Cris Typing. If I say: name me an exotic country full of colours, spices and markets, surely Morocco will be your first answer. That is exactly what this place is all about. To that list, you have to also add mystical mosques, desert, couscous and amazing spas. Morocco has been on our bucket list for a while. [...]

Lost Mae Taeng

Em. Typing For our first night we chose to stay a bit in the heart of wild Thailand. We wanted to experience a bit of the village life, so we decided to make camp in this very vast region completely stripped of civilisation: Mae Taeng. Well, maybe we pushed it a bit, as the tuk tuk which brought us there [...]

We only get ONE LIFE

Em typing. When people ask us why we picked a life of travel instead of comfort, a steady place, a safe 9 to 5 job, a nice car or any other things, we always try to explain it, describing our feelings, memories and the rush we get stepping out of a plane in a place [...]