Find your Travel Deal

Ok, I’m ready to “empty the sack” (as we say in Italy). Here you will find all the crazy ass cheap flights I take advantage of to travel everywhere. I included just the online agencies (websites…yes they are agencies) I used and trust the most to avoid our users and all of you aspiring Freelance Travelers to have ugly surprises. If you have more online agencies or websites you love please tell me and I will work out a partnership with them too!!!!

Oh, almost forgot I book my hotels from here too.

Just a tip: let me pick when you should go or maybe even where (in this case just contact me). Now close your eyes and hit book. It always works out better than a super organised trip… least for me it does.

Nice uh? But what about if you feel just soooooo lazy you do not even know when to book? Here you go….*drum roll*…meet our

Lazy Traveler’s cheap flights finder

How to use the finder:

  1. Pick your Departure and Destination Cities
  2. Pick your vacation duration (remember to set the minimum and maximum stay so our “lazy traveler’s finder” can find just the right one for you)
  3. Pick your dates (cheapest ones suggested in green)
  4. Book and enjoy (and possibly spend the money you saved in some very cool stuff while on holiday)