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    30L Waterproof Floating Backpack

    If you want to be safe, but really safe…or if you are just reckless and like to go kayaking in places you shouldn’t really be kayaking, this dry floating bag

    $75.99 $62.95
  • Adjustable and Foldable Laptop Stand

    Being a digital nomad is not all about beaches. If you spend hours every day hunched over a laptop at your coworking’s desk, you NEED a laptop stand. Together with

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    Anti Theft Backpack – 15 inch Laptop

    Lining Material: Polyester
    Gender: Unisex
    Interior: Interior Key Chain Holder, Interior Zipper Pocket, Interior Slot Pocket
    Capacity: 20-35 Litre
    Rain Cover: Water resistant
    Closure Type: Zipper
    Carrying System: Air Cushion Belt
    Model Number: Backpack
    Handle/Strap Type: Soft Handle

    $49.95 $22.95
  • Giant Inflatable Unicorn for Pool and Beach

    No matter where we go, Cris will always find a pool or a beach where to take her faithful companion unicorn. Awesome for chilling, sunbathing, partying.
    Low maintenance animal as he only eats

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    Hooded Travel Pillow

    When you are on the plane and you just can not get comfortable (read with pathos). Cris discovered this thing here and now she just can’t travel without it anymore.

    $21.95 $18.95
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    Mini First Aid Kit

    Medicines are something we just don’t like to think about but it is good to have them when traveling abroad. While you are at it why not keeping them in

    $5.99 $4.99
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    Portable Electronic Scale 50kg x 10g

    You know when you finished packing and you want to weight the suitcase and you have to jump on the scale and you accidentally see your own weight you didn’t

    $12.95 $9.95
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    Portable First Aid Kit

    In case you are around and an alligator bites you…jokes. It’s medical stuff, just in case you need it. You know? Like medical Stuff.

    (6) Aspirin tablets, (6) Ibuprofen

    $38.99 $32.99
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    Short Travel Bag with Shoe Pouch

    Yes, sometimes just a “handbag” is not enough. You need a place to carry around to put you stuff in..and your shoes…2 pairs of shoes, and some clothes, and possibly

    $71.95 $61.95
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    Universal Adapter with Dual USB

    Nothing Innovative here, it’s just one of those things you need. We often find ourselves with one power socket and we need to charge at least a computer and a

    $15.95 $11.95
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    Waterproof Dry Bag

    This simple floating bag is what saved our lives in El Nido, Philippines. They told us we could walk to the beach but of course, they forgot to tell us we would

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    Waterproof Luggage Cover for 18-30 inch

    A suitcase cover is a great addition to your travel gear. It saved our lives multiple times:

    Is washable, so it is much easier to wash that rather than