Eating in Paris. Ergo Voulez vous Croquettes avec moi?

February 27, 2018
Europe, France

Cris Typing.

Ah, L’amour!!

Let’s face it, it already sounds good when you ear Tartare, Ratatouille, Foie Gras, Escargots, Croque-Monsieur, spelled out for you with a charming French voice, but when it comes to taste… Mon Dieu! Sooooo good.

When in France, set your inner Food Fetish free and say yes to all, even if the concept of what it is sounds gross -I was very reluctant on the “cooked snails” (Escargots), to name one – just close your eyes and order…  The way the French cook any of their specialties is just sublime for your palate.

Also from the bottom of my heart,  Beer is for Rookies in France. Wine is the way to go.

Waiting for our night to start

Where to eat in Paris

-Breakfast / Brunch

Many hotels will offer free breakfast. Well, get your free coffee or orange juice and free croissant (because, why not?), but than,
get gourmand and stop by the local bakery (Boulangerie) like a real French.

Em and I were feeling like kids in a Foodie Disneyland:
pan au chocolat,  sandwich baguettes, Croque-Monsieur, quiches, and the more the merrier (and fatter, but belly is a “future me” problem, don’t you agree?)  #carefree #sugarfull

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TIP 1: most boulangeries, especially in the touristy areas, will be closed on Mondays, or a bit outside they’ll be closed on Sundays.

TIP2: If you are with a group of people or in a rush, you can get some food to take away for later, some boulangeries offer meal deals for around 5-7 Euros. #cheapatip


Paris can be pretty frenetic during the day if you are smashing it among museums, buildings, parks and street artists and the tourists’ evergreen: the long, infinite lines.
So when the sun reaches the summit, you will most likely want to sit down and have a glass of wine accompanied by some finger food.

Our favourite wine/chill stop was at “Au Vieux Paris  around “l’Ile de la Cité”, on the way back from visiting Notre Dame and its amazing Bell Tower (Remember that the Paris Pass doesn’t give you free entrance to the Bell Towers nor helps in skipping the most likely Huge line

In a sunny day it’s worth it to stay outside on a little table next to the scented branches (like we did). If it is cold, or rainy or windy, inside is surprisingly charming. It feels like a jump in the past, literally. Have a walk inside in any case, it is worth it, as it claims to be the oldest restaurant in Paris.

Another wine break

Another Option, if you are walking around in Le Marais, is to stop by one of the many street food shops and get a warm and delicious crêpes. They say the simple one (crêpes sucrée – just with sugar) is the best. But we could not resist to savoury crêpes with French cheese and jambon (Ham) nor to the Nutella and coconut or crumbed peanuts ones. #guilty #noregrets


When in Paris, as in our previous article about the Nightlife, you will most end up to spend at least one evening around  Montmartre and Pigalle.
How can we then not recommend you our favourite restaurant there.

Le Chat Noir, just a few blocks away from Le Moulin Rouge.
Live Jazz and Dinner till late. Which comes handy if you just watched some Can-Can around Pigalle and now the post-show hunger is showing up.
As for us, we ended up there almost by mistake by faith, we had just booked our Moulin Rouge tickets, had to some time to kill and decided to find a place where to have dinner. And needless to say, Ta-da! There it was, just a few blocks away from the theatre.

We did not believe it is the actual original one – a few places in Paris call themselves “Chat Noir” indeed  – but ladies and gentlemen,  Mesdames et Messieurs,  that’s the place! The one! The original!!

and yes, I’m a total #chatnoirlover

Here is a sneaky shot of our meal.

Em is obviously the one having the tartare, which was served to him the French (and proper )way: with yolk on top. When having a Steak Tartare, always ask for it, it may sound a bit awkward (well, it did to me), but it’s rather Delicious!
And of course.. French Fries!!   

Me? I’m having Melted Camembert of course! – And I must confess I almost ate half of Em’s dish as well. Magnifique! 


Your French cuisine experience will not be fulfilled until you have had you teatime with some Macarons.
Worry not, they come in many flavours!

Chocolate lover & craving for macarons?

Em getting some sweet satisfactions but wondering how long they will last in his hands.

Maison Georges Larnicol, In the main alley coming down from le Sacre Coeur, is the place for you!
Tons of treats, macarons flavours, types of chocolate and, most importantly, Meticulously engraved chocolate sculptures that you use really shouldn’t give it a miss.

Yes, it's made of chocolate!

Want your last Macaron so you can have it while sobbing on the flight because you are so sad about leaving Paris?
*takes a breath*
CDG Airport has got us hopelessly romantics covered: Look for Ladurée patisserie and cafe, they have got plenty of flavours,too!

We had such a nice and romantic moment because after Paris we had to go to two different destinations, so we had our goodbye with some sweetness, with macarons, tea and of course, sugar cubes (who hates them?).

Amélie Movie Lovers

Passing through Montmartre, we could not just ignore the bar where Amelie worked.

In the film, Amelie is a waitress at the Cafe des 2 Moulins, a real Montmatre cafe. - Copyright Miramax Films

We were honestly expecting something more special, but really we did not even stop to have a drink or something as the place was not really inviting.


One last Fact

One last note for you fellow travelers.
Remember most Parisian restaurants and cafes will have their outside tables almost outrageously close one to another, facing the street.

So three things to get used to: the proximity to other people, the smoke (eventually), and yourself most likely facing the street instead of the person you are with.

For me it’s so charmingly Retro!

But again c’est Paris, hate it or love it. 😉

Eating Outside Parisian Style

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