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December 13, 2017
Asia pacific, Australia

Em Typing.

One day my little sister called me from Perth saying she was getting married. In a month. With a guy I met once. As I know what the feeling between them two are I couldn’t be happier; Until I was asked to be the Bride’s best man (or her “maid of honour” if you prefer). I mean: I love her to death but I look terrible in photo, I cannot handle pressure, I am supposed to remember things (which I am totally incapable of) and…I can’t remember things…I just can’t. Anyway time comes are we are flying to Perth.
After they arrive at the airport they take us home (a ridiculously beautiful home in South Perth with a breath taking view) and we go to bed waiting for the day to come. Perth is a small city so if you are looking for the thrill of night out, you might want to look on the other coast of Australia (where I and Cris. live).
The first day goes by with me working remotely (YES I do work sometimes), a very scary thunderstorm and very nice coffee sipped looking outside. We take the bride to pick up her dress and Cris falls in love with another dress that was literally made for her: tries it on and looks stunning. As I can’t ignore pretty things, I just decide to buy for the good of humanity. The night comes and we are ready to prepare our clothes for the big day, or we would if I actually brought them (as I mentioned, I do not remember things).

Everybody laughs and tries to keep the bride calm. In the morning i get dropped of in the CBD and I start walking around looking for a nice suit shop where I can find something for me. In Perth everything is walking distance so you can walk down to Hay St and see pretty much everything. Meanwhile shopping in Perth is pretty terrible: you have to know that Western Australia is the biggest state in the country and also the one that feeds it thanks to the mining industry. Ergo, salaries are high and things are expansive: and by things I mean everything . If you want to shop around, just go to Melbourne (also on the other side of the coast). After I find my suit, I get a ride home and we are ready to celebrate. Friends are coming in (one of which driving a Bentley from 1957), the photographer is shooting, the celebrant is hot and ready to start, and we walk to the small park in front of the mansion we are staying at to move on with a short and private ceremony. It was possibly the sweetest, most romantic wedding I have ever seen. You see, Perth is pretty shit for everything I mentioned before but if you want nature, colours, parks, sunsets (for Cris’ sake), sunshine, birds singing and happiness all around, there is where you gotta go (I know right?).

The bride in her breathtaking dress

The ceremony was very private but still very warm and beautiful. As this part end we end our evening at the restaurant where I am sure you do not care about me sharing photos of my food filtered in Instagram. (The food was amazing. We ate at Coco’s, which you should check out for your fancy dinner around here).

Saturday, Sunday and Monday passed on sightseeing around and doing some work (again, yes, we work). As I mentioned Perth is great for sightseeing as you can basically walk everywhere.

Relaxing Perth CBD
Relaxing Perth CBD

You should definitely check out Elisabeth Quay for a nice walk and ice cream along the salt water river that cuts the city. You feel like, take a romantic tour on a Gondola (I thought that us Italian had the exclusive on that one) and right after, stop at a terrace pub/restaurant where you can enjoy really good, locally made, fresh food. We recommend “the Nest” right above Perth’s Underground.

"Gondoliere" in Elisabeth Quay
Elisabeth Quay - Perth
Church in Fremantle - Perth

If you feel hippie and happy (like Cris’ DNA), you should absolutely head to Fremantle for the Sunday Market. The market is basically wonderland for any hippie, gipsy, unicorn, flower-power person. So Cris almost cried. It is a very cute town that is a bit stuck in time and full of cafes, good restaurants and alternative things to buy or take a look at. Check it out even if you are not too hippie….c’mon don’t be racist.

The view from King's Park

Another must see in Perth is King’s Park where you can enjoy an amazing view of the city and the river. It’s a very great spot where you can relax on some very, vey, vey (creepily) well kept and amazingly vast areas of grass. We enjoyed here a great breakfast with a view at one of the cafes right on top of the hill. As I said, if you love parks and nature, Perth is the best (if you have any other interested instead you would probably wanna slit your wrists). We were pretty lucky as we stayed in this very lavish mansion (as I already said) with an amazing garden with a view of the city. If you can, just jump on an Uber, head to south Perth and walk through the huge park along the river….it is Huge, and I mean HUUUGE, so you really can’t miss it. After we enjoyed the Sunset and some very delicious Italian food cooked by the bride/wife, we were ready to head home.

Overall Perth was good but probably I advise a quick tour around the city for a couple of days to than head to Margaret river: the wine region (now we’re talkin’!!!).

If you are looking for nightlife advises, you should check this other blog I don’t know about cause we didn’t see anybody going out after 9pm or on Sunday at any time after 4pm.

One other peace advice: do not take the 1am flight to Sydney!!!!

Cris walking down to the park looking for her sunsets

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