30L Waterproof Floating Backpack

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If you want to be safe, but really safe…or if you are just reckless and like to go kayaking in places you shouldn’t really be kayaking, this dry floating bag will keep your stuff dry and away from the bottom of the ocean. It was very useful in Thailand when we were doing all the above and it was raining on top. Water was LITERALLY everywhere, except that in our bag.

Capacity: 30L
Material: TPU
Roll top waterproof backpack: Floats safely dropped in water, dunk proof suitable for quick submersion
Breathable mesh bag: Carrying tightly strap surface waterproof, high-intensity exercise
Swimming bag: Side mesh pocket fit for an umbrella, big pocket with zipper
Hiking bag size: 30cm(L) 20(W) 55(H)

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